BAS 022 Paul Catten (Round Two) - Barrabus, Bedwetter, The Sontaran Experiment, Medulla Nocte, Murder One…..

May 1, 2017

Two years since our first catch up, Paul is back to update us on his recent musical endeavours. Back with two albums ready for release, his band Barrabus set to release their first full length album on Undergroove Records in June 2017 as well as a new album from his new solo project Bedwetter (with partner in musical crime Mark Seddon) set for release Summer 2017 on Future Noise.

As brilliantly honest and interesting as always. A genuine pleasure to chat with. Enjoy.


BAS 021 John Mulvaney -

May 30, 2016

John Mulvaney is a short film maker and has recently received notoriety and recognition for a series of short documentaries he has made under the name Fractured. This series is 7 episodes deep in a proposed series of 14 episodes. Each episode focuses on a person or band in the Irish extreme and alternative music scene. All episodes can be found on and also on youtube under Fractured Music. John is a huge fan of the alternative music scene in Ireland and the Fractured series is his way of capturing some of his favourite contributors to this scene.


BAS 020 Ryan Patterson - ShirtKiller, Coliseum, Musician and Visual Artist

March 5, 2016

Ryan has been a long time punk musician being in bands like, Black Cross, Black God, Whips/Chains and Coliseum. Coliseum has been the main constant in terms of his music career, the band starting out in 2003 and most recently releasing their latest album Anxiety's Kiss on Deathwish Records. Ryan also runs and owns which provides merchandise sales for a large roster of alternative bands. He is also a graphic designer and has provided art designs for records and merchandise for a whole host of bands through the years. I have been a huge fan of his work through the years so it was a great pleasure to get to chat to him. A very honest and respectful guy! I hope you enjoy this episode.


BAS 019 John Heffernan - Warcry Training

December 21, 2015

John is a long time friend of mine, going back to our school days in Limerick. It is very fitting that he should be here for the last episode of 2015 as he has been one of my main supporters through this first year of BlackoutatSunrise, always offering huge support, encouragement and suggestions with, and after, each episode. 

He is a long time advocate of fitness and physical health and has participated in numerous amounts of fitness and physical activities through the years. This love of fitness and training led to him deviating from his career in archaeology and Conservation architecture and to the setting up of his personal training business, aptly named Warcry Training. 
It is hugely obvious when listening to John that he is immensely passionate and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness. It is an intrinsic part of his life and goes beyond a physical need to be strong. It is part of his life philosophy.
He is already establishing himself as a staple in the Cork Fitness scene with a client list that is steadily growing, the most recent being a Cork GAA Senior Football Club team for which he will provide pre season strength and mobility training. 
 The future is bright for this man.

BAS 018 Chris O’Halloran - Turncoat Press Comics

December 12, 2015

Chris O’Halloran is a freelance comic colourist based in Cork, Ireland and has been involved in making self published comics since 2014. He publishes these books through Turncoat Press which is an independent Irish comic book publisher established by himself along with Emmet O’Brien and Colin O'Mahony. Their most recent comic book named ‘Last Rebel’ was released in December 2015 and is their third release since Turncoat was set up. Chris discusses the process and thinking behind Turncoat and their comics as well as talking about the viability of comic book art as a career. All their work can be found on


BAS 017 Ian Ruby - Independent Filmmaker, Visual Artist

October 20, 2015

Ian is an up and coming Cork based independent filmmaker who's recent feature film, Dead Dogs, has received a lot of notoriety and success among the independent movie scene. Dead Dogs premiered at the 2014 Indie Cork Film Festival and was also shown at other festivals both here in Ireland and abroad. To date it has won 3 awards, the first coming from the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase in Texas. Here Ian discusses all aspects of making the movie as well as other projects he has been involved with throughout the years. Enjoy


BAS 016 Eamonn Sheehy - Rimbaud Records,

October 6, 2015

Eamonn is a long time explorer of counter culture inspired by his love of punk music and the writings of the beat generation writers as well as old classics. Eamonn set up a record label in Limerick, Ireland in the early 2000's called Rimbaud Record (named after one of his favourite writers). He currently writes stories which he publishes to his website His writings are informed by experiences working with various NGO's in the areas of human rights, asylum and refugee issues; as well as travel in Russia, the Balkans, the Baltic states, Middle East and Africa. 


BAS 015 Hope Is Noise - Alternative Rock Band

July 17, 2015

Hope Is Noise are a cork based alternative rock band who are celebrating their 10th year as Hope Is Noise. The lads popped in to discuss all aspects of being in Hope Is Noise. Their attitude to songwriting, the reasons why they have stayed as the same four piece for all this time, people who influenced them along the way and what makes them continue to write and perform and be in a band. They also played a couple of acoustic tunes (No Stretchmarks at 15.29) and some wonderful accapella stuff as well as I Tell Lies..Just Not to You (1.33.05 to the end). Theres a lot of piss taking and laughs along the way. And we may wander off course into random waffle from now and again. All good stuff though. Great bunch of lads. 


BAS 014 Seb - Finance Graduate and Musician

July 10, 2015

Seb is a recent graduate of UCC with a First Class Honours Degree in Finance and aims to build a strong career for himself in International finance. He also won the Deloitte prize for Economics this year. 
Seb agreed to come on and chat about recent developments with the Greek economy as well as the struggles the euro and global finances have battled in the last 10 years. A very knowledgeable guy with a great career ahead of him in international finance I'm sure. Enjoy


BAS 013 Declan O’Shea - Vocalist, Songwriter, Artist (Mako, Cyclefly)

June 27, 2015

Declan is a vocalist and songwriter and has spent his life living through art. His band Cyclefly achieved great success in the late 90's and early 00's releasing 2 albums on a major label. This led to numerous support tours and headline tours both in Europe and in the US. Here Declan talks about the highs and lows of being in a successful band, his battle with alcohol, his spiritual beliefs and his many ongoing projects including his new band Mako and his entrance into the video production world. Enjoy